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Make your journey to mindfulness – to be a kinder, 

more aware and relaxed person.

Your Counselling Services

At Your Counselling Services we offer many service options.

Through expert mental health counselling, I help clients to identify and resolve the problems they are facing.


Through consistent and reliable coaching, I support clients to achieve their objectives and make optimal decisions in day-to-day life



I deliver a wide range of reports and assessments to community stakeholders, for business and legal matters on behalf of the client

About me


Susanne Enright is a compassionate, kind, and attentive counsellor with extensive professional experience. Susanne is registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers and supports clients of all ages, including couples and family groups. Susanne has the experience and skill to ensure you feel safe and comfortable at her practice through her non-judgmental approach and focus on privacy and confidentiality. 

Susanne believes counselling support should be accessible to everyone because of the positive change professional counselling can make to an individual’s peace of mind, strengths, and resilience. Susanne’s support, insight and depth of experience will help you to explore your concerns, set personal and relationship goals and access your own resources to achieve your goals. She is committed to being there for you and will provide guidance and practical solutions, to build on your strengths and self-awareness. 

Susanne acknowledges that everyone is unique, they must go at their own pace and it is her intention to walk beside you. She incorporates several counselling techniques, according to therapeutic need and in her clinical practice is always informed by ecological systems and life-course theories, best practice, and current research. 


General Information

General Practitioner's

Under Government Mental Health Core Programs, this first step is for you to formulate a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan for your Patient. You are eligible for a rebate fee from Medicare to complete this plan. A written referral letter is required for your patient, who can then contact Your Counselling Services to arrange an appointment.


As an AWHSW, Your Counselling Services can help you when you experience difficulties that have an impact on you ability to manage the demands of day-to-day life. To receive a Medicare rebate when seeing any AWHSW, make an appointment with your GP, and ask for a Mental Health Care Plan and referral letter. If you are being referred by your Paediatrician or Psychiatrist as for a referral letter.


Report writing and trauma informed risk assessments are informed by such organisations as the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence and Blue Knot Foundation, Susanne has been employed in social services, and in the primary and acute health care sector. Susanne has developed skills as per AASW scope of practice including in child protection, Fostering and Adoption and in the relevant court systems.

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

Weekly cancellations and early appointments are available at the last minute

Please contact Your Counselling Services on 0491 829 288  for any last minute appointments.

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If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis and need immediate service contact your doctor, go to your local hospital or phone 000 if there is a suicide issue.